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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

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Are you wondering how you should handle all your business transactions? Does using cash as your mode of payment seem inconvenient to you? Are you looking for ways to improve the management of all your purchases and payments? If your answer to these questions is Yes, then it is time for you to get a prepaid card from Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid.

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid offers prepaid card programs. debit card programs and credit card programs that are co-branded with the Visa and MasterCard – the two leading financial service providers. Co-branded cards display the logo or name of the company. But co-branded cards are not just plastic cards with fancy logos on them. These cards carry immense value as they can simplify all your transactions and you can complete payments and purchases with just a swipe of the card. Co-branded cards represent a partnership between the business, customer, financial service provider and card issuing authority. Co-branded card programs offer incentives to the customers in the form of reward programs and other attractive offers. Co-branded card programs can take your small business to the next level and assist in its rapid growth.

Before you go any further, first familiarize yourself with the type of co-branded cards that you can use for your business or personal transactions.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are fairly common and provide a very convenient mode of carrying out financial transactions. A debit

card is usually linked to a checking account and the funds from the account can be drawn out through an ATM using the card. You also have the option of making direct purchases and payments with your debit card.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are also used as a mode of completing payments and purchases. Both credit cards and debit cards are used for the same purpose essentially but the mechanism is different for each. While debit cards draw the existing funds, credit cards use a credit line that is provided by the card issuing authority. The funds that are used are a debt that the card holder must pay with added interest to the issuing authority.

A debit card can be used in addition to the credit card if it is a secondary card. It provides an added advantage especially in case of an emergency.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are used for making transactions as well but the money is deposited beforehand by the card holder. This enables the user to maintain his budget, as he is not allowed to go beyond a certain limit unless he deposits more funds. These cards are especially effective for impulsive buyers who have difficulty practicing self-restraint when it comes to shopping

At Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid, prepaid cards are co-branded with Visa and MasterCard for the convenience of the customers. These co-branded card programs can be customized in order to meet the specific needs of a business or an individual customer.

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