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How to Get Dance Moves on Meez in the Chat Rooms

how to get coins on meez

Meez is a social networking site designed for teens to interact with their friends and other Meez members online. Meez members can create and design Meez three-dimensional avatars that reflect their own personal style and personality traits. Meez characters can walk, spin, sing and even dance. If you want your Meez avatar to perform a dance routine in a chat room, setting it up is easy.

Find an Animation

Log in to your Meez account using your Meez ID and password.

Click "Shop" and select the "Meez Maker" tab.

Click the "Animations" tab and select the "Music and Dancing" category. Browse through the list of dance animations and select the animation of your choice. Some animations are free, while others require you

to use your "Coinz" to buy the animation. To view the amount of Coinz needed, look at the number next to the pink Coinz icon.

Click "Save" in your Meez profile window to keep the animation. After you save the animation, you can use it in any room, hangout spot or neighborhood.

Make Your Meez Dance

Click the "Meez Nation" tab and scroll to "Meez Home." Choose a "Hoodz" location using the drop-down menu selector.

Browse through the list of hangout spots and click the location's title to enter the room. While your Meez is standing in the room, click your username. Scroll to either "Dance" or another dance-style animation and click.

Watch as your Meez performs a dance routine.

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