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How to get dac report

how to get dac report

NO. There is no cost to the donor or to the charity. All expenses are deducted from the gross sales price and, if the costs ever exceed the price, the company that operates the Program covers those costs.

It’s easy to donate a vehicle. either input the vehicle and pick-up info on-line or by phone at 877-999-8322 and give the info to our trained Service Center Staff. You fill out a few forms (you’ll need to have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)), and you mail in the paperwork, including the title in states requiring one. You will receive a call from our tow service to arrange a convenient time and location for the pick-up. You do not need to be there.

We will “Quick Pick-up” a newer car right away. We pick up older cars within a few days of receiving the paperwork

you mail in. You will receive a call from our tow service to arrange a convenient time. You do not need to be there.

Need to arrange a special pick-up? Call 866-789-8627 and let them know.

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  • How long before the charity gets its money?

    It usually takes 45-60 days from the time the vehicle is picked up until the car is sold and the transaction is completed. Once the transaction is completed, the net cash proceeds are usually delivered to the non-profit within two weeks.

    Your car is assessed to determine the used car market that will yield the best sale price, joining some forty-three million other cars re-sold each year. Most vehicles are sold through wholesale auctions; older, damaged and problem vehicles are often sold directly to dismantlers or recyclers for valuable parts and metals.

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