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How to get free adventure coins

how to get free adventure coins

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Cursed Cave

This is one of the pirates, who travels through the Caribbean in search of treasures. He found a cave that is full of pirates, who guard the ancient coins. Your task is to help our brave pirate to collect all the coins and defeat the other pirates.


Minecaves is a flash version of the popular game Minecraft. In this game your task is to collect all the crystals and stars avoiding a collision with the enemy.

Rob and Aliens

This bold dog named Rob would not let anyone to get to his territory, even aliens. Your task is to help Rob to get rid of uninvited guests. To gain strength Rob needs to find bones. Collect bones and using a super bark frighten the aliens.

Frozen Islands New Horizons

The brave Viking’s adventure continues. Severe Vikings want to capture all of the islands in the Pacific Ocean and you need to

help them in this. Create a powerful army from different warriors and go to battle.

Jack Macqwerty

At the Wild West problems are solved with the help of a revolver. Our character has problems with the bad guys, and now he has to cope with a large number of bandits. To get rid out of the enemies you need to tap their names quickly as possible.

Bubble boy

This guy moves in a very unusual way - into a bubble. Your task is to collect different colored triangles moving through the maze. Try not to collide with the walls and other obstacles, otherwise your bubble will burst and the character will die.

Brave Bird

This fearless little bird went to a very dangerous path. She has an important mission - to deliver the message, but her enemies do not want her get to the destination and try to prevent this by using various weapons. Help the bird to get as far as possible.

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