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How to Build Low Cost Poultry Pen For Nigeria Poultry Farmers


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The purpose of this article is to inform farmers that poultry is not a business for only rich people. The cost of land, and construction of pen are major and capital expenditure in setting up a poultry farm. If you can reduce this cost it will help a lot. To reduce the cost of land, do not site your farm in the urban area, for the following reasons.

1 The cost of land is very high.

2. The environmental pollution [air and noise] are not conducive for poultry.

3 The ministry of health will not approve poultry in residential areas. So locate farm site in rural areas for cheap land and cheap farm labor.

In many parts of Ogun state you can get a plot of land for less than hundred thousand and an acre for less than three hundred thousand Naira .Many of these villages between Atan Ota to Owode from Owode to Idiroko and Ipokia towns are farming communities where one can seek land for farming at low cost.The last town mentioned Ipokia is the farthest and not more than two hours drive to Agege.I visited a farmer at Oke Odan. He constructed his two bedroom flat farm house where he lives and three pens that houses 1500 layers each on two plots of land.

Two plots of land in this town sells for less than hundred thousand. The impressive fact is that he used local materials to construct the pens. The brooder house 35 ft by 30 ft was roofed with raffia palm leaves and bush poles. According to the farmer the roof material lasts for two years. The brooder pen is able to house 1000 pullets from day old to point of lay, and the cost of construction is less than 30 thousand. Naira TO build smaller size of this pen like 15ft by 15ft costs like 15 thousand Naira. This can house up to 500 day old to point of lay.

The people constructing this poultry pens are in the local area and I am sure if they have the contract they will construct it in any other place where their service is required.

Construction of Low Cost Layers Cage.

Layers cage is very important for the following reasons, The pullets reared in cage produce more eggs than the ones on

deep litter system. The eggs produced in cages is neater than the ones produced on deep litter. The pullets in cages does not suffer from litter borne diseases like coccidiosis. Theft of a bird can be detected immediately if they are in cages.

The record of sales and stock Yellow Chicken balance is made easy when pullets are in cages. The cost of imported cages to house 90 pullets is 120 thousand Naira. The life span of the cage is 15 years. With local materials you can construct cages that will last 10 years for as low as 20 thousand Naira. This can be a starting point to raise money to buy imported cages.


The material for making this cage is the wire gauze as seen in the picture

(The pictures coming soon). Each sheet cost 4000 Naira and you need two sheets to make cage for 96 pullets. You can use the service of a welder to construct iron leg for the cage or a carpenter to make wooden legs as shown in the picture.

The feed trough is made of 6 inches diameter, plastic pvc pipes and the water trough made of3 inches diameter plastic pipe also. The wire gauze can be bought at Owode Onirin or Iyana Ipaja .The welder will charge about 5 thousand Naira for the legs and to bend the gauze wire to the shape of cage. He will also cut some parts to partition the cage into units of 4 pullets per cage and construct the shutters.

If you want to make this cage by your own direct labor you will spend not more than 20000 Naira .But if you want ready made locally fabricated cage it is between 25000 to 30000 Naira. For inquiries on Procurement of farm land. Low cost poultry pens. Low cost layers cage, contact Darlinton. I wish you profitable farming.

Ely Jay

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