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How to get more coins

how to get more coins

Ouija Board Protection Prayer:

because a person possesed by a demon is driven by the wants of the demon, i.e, if she was possed and asks for water, the demon is asking for it. Its best to refuse to show resistance, or you will let the demon have more control. Give a demon an inch, and he will take 100 meters, never give an inch, unless you are certein that said person will be harmed even more excessivly. That is one rule of the basics.

When it comes to water, specifically, from what I experienced, a possesed person usually asks for water, usually from the demon. Its best to be on the safe side and give only holy water as it is bad for the demon and helps the person, thus providing only for the good person. The water drinking seems to be some kind of rite to peform as well, and giving the demon water to help out on that rite will just screw the situation up more.

If you get into any trouble and need any help just ask. There are alot

more factors to it than just this, is the person into dark energy. Light energy. Is the person just letting a good soul in to talk? How strong is the demon (that spirit must have been really really strong if it made her bleed) if its too strong you will need more of everything to stand up against it. But thumb rule, if the person wants water, offer only holy water or after the demon has gone.

Another good thing to do if someone is possed, is to light a red candle and put some happy music on. There are obviously other colours too, so check up what the different colours mean to be sure, I used to carry a few red candles with me in case.

Oh yeah I forgot to add, be careful with the holy water too, it might make the demon react heavily inside the persons body and make the demon physically harm the person, you have to judge how safe it is to use at the spot. Sometimes its better to stick to candles and trying to force the spirit out.

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