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How to get rid of an overdraft fee

how to get rid of an overdraft fee

OMG I am not alone in this. I have an 11 yr old son that has them,we get rid of them and it seems like they come right back within a week or two. I have tried about everything too. I have tried the RID, NIX, LICEICE, I tried vegetable oil with a bag over the head for 2 hours to try to suffocate them, someone even told me to put mayonayse in the hair and then cover the head with a plastic bag for a couple of hours and this would take care of it. Well the mayo thing works the best for the time being. My son hates it, and so do I, I mean its just so messy and gross, but I dont know what else to do. I have even tried the prescription shampoo that the pharmacies have. No luck.

Now my youngest son is 6 and he does not have the lice, neither does my husband or I. It is only the 11 yr old who keeps on getting it. I am also to my wits end. I dont know what to do. I got so desperate awhile back I was doing some research on the net and there is a medication that the doctors can give to people that have tried everything else. It is some kind of pill medication though. I will have to go look it up again and let you know what it is so that you can ask your doc about it.

I feel for you hun. It is so embarrassing, but what can you do? I mean really, I have boys, so I cut their hair a little bit shorter if they get lice so that its easier, so I thought, to get out. But you poor thing its not like you can go and buzz your daughters head without everyone knowing.

I will try to find that information again and get back to you on this post ok. Hang in there, and hey if you havent tried the mayo thing. give it a shot. You really have to make sure you get it really saturated though, im talking like globs and globs sitting on the scalp and rubbed into the scalp. and it is a pain in the rear to wash out.

Its just no fun, no matter how you look at it, but it may work. But like I said saturate the hair and scalp with mayo then pile the hair on top of the head, put a plastic bag over her head, i use the bags that the grocery stores give you, I put it on the head cover the tips of the ears with the bag, gather it at the nape of the neck and use a rubberband,

or a clippy to hold it into place. Keep the bag on her head for atleast 2 hours, so that it hopefully smothers the lice.

If you try this I hope it works for you, and good luck. Let me know if you decide to try it and if it works for you or not.

Oh one more thing. after you comb through the wet hair and get out all the dead lice and nits that you can, blow dry her hair, especially scalp for as long as she will let you. The hot air will help kill any remaining lice or nits. or its supposed to anyways.

Again, lemme know how it goes. and good luck.


Glad to see others are also obssessed with head lice! with 3 daughters, I have a wealth of experience I'd like to share!

First of all, I haven't found any of the chemical treatments and shampoos any good, and besides I was never happy at pouring insecticides over the kids heads.

I have been told there is a new thing out that suffucates them which works well, sounds like a version of mayonaise/vasaline idea!

I'm afraid the only way i have found to get rid of them is combing with conditioner which stops them holding on! comb and comb, using the very narrow tooth ones made for the job. make sure you wipe the comb clean after each comb.

when you are happy the head is clear, do everyone else on the same day. Then do everyone the next day. then the next. If everyone is clear wait for 2-3 days and repeat. then do it again in 2-3 days! if all clear prevention is now essential. Tea tree is great for this. shampoo is ok but i find 1-2 drops of essential oil mixed into a bowl of water and combed through works very careful not to use too much,its strong stuff. after washing the hair towel dry vigorously,if any have got back on the head, this breaks their legs and they drop out. then as mentioned before, use the hairdyer, hot as possible next to the scalp. tying the hair back makes it easier for them to climb aboard!If your child is restless we find doing the combing in front of a dvd helps with the boredom. Once I was combing my youngests hair dry and the lice mustof been flying around. a little while later I looked down at my white top and there were 10-15 lice crawling up towards my hair, I think they can sniff it out!

good luck! by the way if you have a boy, apparently they do not go anywhere them once puberty starts, sadly not true for girls.

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