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How to get the coin case in pokemon ruby

how to get the coin case in pokemon ruby

Learn With Pokйmon: Typing Adventure

Learn With Pokйmon: Typing Adventure is the first of the spin-off games released within the fifth generation. This game is a Typing Action game due for release on the Nintendo DS in Japan in 2011.

In this game, you play the part of a trainer travelling through various routes and areas discovering Pokйmon. As you find Pokйmon, you need to type in their names, in the case of the Japanese version, the English transliterations of the Japanese names. As you type the names, you capture the Pokйmon and get coins. The faster you do it, the higher you score.

This game comes packaged with the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard peripheral which can sync with the Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS. However, the game can be played without this peripheral through a makeshift keyboard made on the bottom screen.

In the game, you have

been enlisted by Elite Club Professor Quentin Werty and his assistant, Paige Down, to investigate the various areas and capture the Pokйmon. Your task is to find and awaken the legendary Pokйmon and capture them.

There are over 60 Courses which contain the 403 Pokйmon available in the games. Each course has its own quirks and targets in order to complete them. Each level has three different requirements for medals such as achieveing certain point scores, capturing certain Pokйmon and not making any typing mistakes. As such, this game can prove to be a challenge for the most expert typists.

There are many in-game unlockables for you to discover throughout the game so you can personalise your playthrough and gives you something to strive for.

Learn With Pokйmon: Typing Adventure

バトル&ゲット! ポケモンタイピングDS

Battle & Get! Pokйmon Typing DS

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