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Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa

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Jubilee Park Heated Outdoor Pool Opens on the 2nd of May 2015 and closes on the 6th of September 2015.

Jubilee Park Cafe will be open during  general swimming times and when weather is good on weekends from April.

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Sunny Day Advice

As you can imagine a lot of people come to the swimming pools on the rare occasion that we get a hot sunny day! Our advice is that you need to be at the pool before it opens (please see timetable for opening times) or wait until after 3pm. During weekends and summer holidays the price goes down to a session rate after 3pm and you can still get some great swimming in (the pool tends to quieten down after 3pm on busy days)

On hot, sunny days there is almost always a queue and we often have to stop people coming in! Please do not get frustrated with the staff. They are only doing their job! We let people in based on the number of people in the water and not how many people come in and out of the facility. Please be assured that we let people in as soon as we possibly can!

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A Message From The Manager

A very

warm Welcome to Jubilee Park

2014 brought a number of changes to Jubilee Park. The park was handed over to a new company, Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa ltd, from the Parish Council on the 2 nd of May 2014. The new company has since become a registered Charity and is working hard to secure the Parks future!

Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa ltd core objective is to ‘To manage, promote and sustain Jubilee Park as a swimming, leisure, sports and recreation facility available to the benefit of the whole community.’ You can help us to do this by becoming a member and by offering your expertise to help Jubilee Park flourish! Details of this can be found on our website.

Jubilee Park has a lot of people to thank for its recent successes and for still being open for the public to enjoy! The Friends of Jubilee Park each year raise money for specific projects, some of these have been our rose gardens, outdoor table tennis table, pool inflatable and tree planting. Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa ltd’s trustees have put in countless hours in the set up and running of the park. A lot of this work goes unnoticed but is vital for the park’s future. There are also a large number of volunteers who help in the park, without whom the park would struggle to maintain itself.

We all hope you enjoy your visit to Jubilee Park and the atmosphere we hope to create in it!

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