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How to Grade Washington Silver Quarters – What Grade Is My Washington Quarter?

James Bucki is a coin collector, part-time coin dealer and a professional numismatic writer. He has received national recognition for assembling outstanding registry sets of U.S. coins and has won various awards for his coin exhibits at coin shows.

Grading Washington silver quarters is a skill that has taken even the top coin collectors many years of experience to perfect. Remember that coin grading is the expression of an opinion that describes the condition of an individual coin that a majority of dealers and collectors would agree with. Grading is not an exact science where a procedure can be applied and everyone comes out with the same grade. But over the years, numismatists and coin grading services have agreed upon certain definitions, descriptions and Sheldon's numeric values that help all coin collectors describe their coins accurately (for the most part). This guide will help you understand those terms and descriptions so you can accurately grade your Washington silver quarters.

Understanding Grades for Washington Silver Quarters

About Good-3 (AG3 or AG-3)

Washington Quarter Graded About Good-3 (AG03). Photo courtesy of Teletrade Coin Auctions, Summary. The coin is very heavily worn and barely legible. Some of the devices. lettering, legends and date may be worn smooth, but the date is readable. Portions of the

rim blend into the lettering.

Obverse . Parts of the word "LIBERTY" and the date are merging with the rim. All details on Washington's head are worn away and just an outline remains.

Reverse . The lettering next to the rim is almost worn smooth but somewhat discernible. The eagle's head and torso are completely smooth and just an outline.

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Good-4 (G4 or G-4)

Washington Quarter Graded Good-4 (G04). Photo courtesy of Teletrade Coin Auctions, Summary. The coin is heavily worn overall. The devices, lettering, legends and date are readable but may have some faintness in a few areas. All major features are visible in at least outline form and the rim is mostly complete but may be incomplete in a few spots.

Obverse. Washington's head is well-worn and very few details remain. The letters in "LIBERTY" and the numerals in the date are starting to merge with the rim but are full and complete.

Reverse. The eagle is worn almost flat but a definitive outline exists. The letters next to the rim are worn to the point where they are beginning to merge with the rim but are complete.

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