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How to graph a derivative

how to graph a derivative

Access query to excel 2010 to create a graph via vba

After an extensive search I have been unable to find any information on this that I could understand. there are numerous examples, but these are all for access 2003, and these do not work in access 2010.

I need to run a vba code that will export the results of a query (QryTotalSale) to excel 2010 and automatically create a bar chart of the data and show this over the database that is running.

If anyone could give me some advise then I would greatly appreciate it, or even a link to a valid resource that will work in 2010.

So far I can get excel to open, and display the results of the query in question.

To make it more difficult I really need the query to open a specific excel file, which will be on a folder on the desktop and every time

the button is pressed to run the VBA, a new page should be added to the excel workbook, and the new graph be shown, and saved into the spreadsheet, so that at a later date the entire excel file can be viewed.

I have the below code, but it does not work. the bit about ranges would work in excel, but access does not seem to recognise range ( which does not really suprise me as it does not really work with ranges to my knowledge.)

My second thought was to have the first two doCmd's run, then have the next bit be forced to auto run in the excel file.

I found a adodb code type thing for the 2003 versions of access and excel, but could not get this to work. half of the options no longer seem to be recognised by access.

I am a long way off and would really appreciate any help.

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