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How to hack a triton atm

ATM Hack

When the manuals are provided online and the default passwords are not changed on most system when installed you are just asking for problems. I think the main problem with this system is that you can enter programming mode straight from the keypad, this is convenient however it would be much more secure if the operator was required to unlock the front of the machine and flip a service switch.

Also with default passwords of Master = 555555 Service = 222222 Operator = 111111 you are asking for problems. Here are a few more links with information of this blunder.

I wonder how long it will take for other manufactures such as Triton to learn from this. Lilricky mentioned in the Digg post that this

manual also contains master passwords, looks like this problem might be ongoing!

“I just confirmed that this does in fact work. We hit the market down from the office, I put the machine into admin mode with holding down ——, picked administration menu, and entered in the default —— and voila.

By this time I was shitting myself and decided to walk away. So I exited out of the mode leaving the machine’s settings unchanged. What I also noticed is that you can easily get a list of customer transactions as well as it is a menu option when you hold down ——.

This machine was a Triton but owned/managed by E-Trade (at least that’s the sign that was on it.). So yeah … it works.”

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