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How do i get a paypal debit card

how do i get a paypal debit card


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. AND you will lose your Paypal account

I caved and purchase the Unity Pro 4 pre-order, I went through the store and then used Paypal (I always use Paypal for buying things online) and the transaction appeared to complete, got my license number all was good. or so I thought. about an hour later I get an email from Paypal

"Your account has been limited until we hear from you."

Oh right, what ever I think, until I get a second email

"36P322349G9037511 Payment Reversed" WTF this isn't right. I check my bank and the funds have been earmarked to go out, Checked the email it is the Unity transaction that has been reversed, yet my money is ear marked to go out of my bank (I can't use that money, in the UK money gets earmarked to leave the account its like its gone, but it still shows a balance, but the available balance shows as if the moneys gone).

So I call Paypal, not only have they blacklisted my bank account and "I can never use that account on their systems again" but my money has been earmarked to leave my account (meaning it will vanish in a few days, bank can't do anything until it's gone) and my Paypal account is limited so I cannot send money to anyone, or withdraw the money.

I have called Citizens Advice Bureau and they

have written me up a legal notice to send to Paypal (I will go and collect it tomorrow) but apparently a lot of people have been having problems and Paypal has been illegally withholding money (Illegal in the UK anyway). So far people have gotten there money back after 6 months IF THEIR LUCKY.

I am NOT pleased, that was money I could bearly afford to pay out, but I like Unity so much I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I'd feel the dent in my bank account for a month and have to pay off the overdraft but meh, it's a one off purchase for (i hope) 2 years. Now I have no money and no Unity

So if your thinking of purchasing a Unity license, or infact anything else I strongly advice you DO NOT use Paypal

I am not some Paypal hater (of which I have just found out there are many) I always found Paypal to be useful, and saved my putting in my card details all the time. I've only once had someone get into my account and it was resolved within days and the money returned, this was a year ago. But now after this and after finding out what they've done to other people I'll never be using them again

I don't even know what to do in regards to Unity now, I'm going to be stuck with the free version

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