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How to keep track of payments

how to keep track of payments

If you want to get more clients in your massage business and keep them coming back, then what you are about to see and hear on this website will be some of the most helpful and important information you'll ever read.

Are you stressed out about not having enough clients to meet your bills at the end of the month? Just starting out and don't know where to get your first client? Or are you a professional therapist who is having issues with getting clients to come back, or, boosting client numbers to propel your massage business to the next level of success?

If this describes you and you are serious about getting more clients, permanently, and keeping them coming back then take the next 3 minutes to read this letter carefully. (I know it's long but Massage Therapy is one of the most rewarding professions in the world- I HATE seeing caring and superb therapists like you out of your practice by the "business" of Massage Therapy. there is another way.)

I remember the first time I thought about becoming a Massage Therapist. I felt a real passion for being able to make a real difference, to people's lives in a positive way - without drugs or medicine. They would actually feel better just with the touch of my hands.

I fell in love with Massage Therapy.

When I enrolled in college to do my first course in professional Massage, I was so excited! I was finally doing something with my life. I was a poor (really poor) student at school and fronting up to my first class was daunting - but I felt so alive.

I began to think of all the people I knew and how they would benefit from what I was about to learn. My heart was exploding with a desire to learn. When I completed my training I was so happy. I was sure I was going to be a success.

You know friend, I was just sure I would have an abundance of clients just clamouring to book in for their first appointment with me, telling me how good they felt and how I could make them feel better and how my massage treatments made a distinct, positive difference to their lives.

I could just see these people in my mind. I would be wanted, respected, appreciated and loved.

I knew absolutely nothing about 'massage as a business' and relied heavily on my college for information on how to run my own massage business (little did I know how dangerous this little bit of knowledge would be!).

I was sure my teachers at college would be there to help. Graduating made me feel so proud. It was the happiest day of my life. I felt so confident in myself. I had really done something that was going to help so many people.

After graduating I was on fire, I was so motivated. I spent ages looking for the exact perfect frame for my certificate and spent a good couple of weeks decorating and making my "clinic room" beautiful. I placed my certificate in numerous different spots where the maximum number of people would see it.

You know I did think "how will I get clients and where will they come from?" and I even asked around - no one really gave me a straight answer.

Did you find that little voice in your head wondering

"How will I actually get clients?"

"How long will does it take to get them?"

Did you find, like me, that no one would give you a straight answer or worse - you got told it would take you years and years to

build up a successful practice?

I've got some good news.

Being told that a massage therapy practise takes "years and years" to build up is absolute rubbish. I know, because I proved that wrong.

Keep reading.

I was on a high from graduating so I just ploughed on, joining an association, got my insurance, and waited for clients to come. I spent a couple of weeks perfecting and working on my business card, letterhead and signs. Then I sat back and waited for the clients to pour in.

I waited and waited.

Over the next few months after graduating a handful of clients turned up, certainly not the rush of clients I imagined.

By this stage I thought "I should do some advertising." I did and it failed miserably. I felt like a rug had been pulled out from under my feet. My enthusiasm had turned into bitter disappointment. I was so frustrated! Under that frustration I felt so scared of failing. I was very. very disappointed. I was crushed actually.

I did a leaflet and it failed as well. ( Looking back at the leaflet now, it was easy to see why it didn't work! I would never write anything like that now!) Things were bleak - I had a handful of clients, a big and never ending expanding pile of bills, I was stressed, lonely, depressed and frustrated.

Something had to change or I would have to admit my plan of being a successful massage therapist had failed. I'd face the personal humiliation of going back to the workforce because I could not make this work. The thought of that was so painful because I wanted this more than anything.

Is this story familiar to you? You may have a thriving massage practice with more clients and prosperity than you can handle. If this is you then you will be wasting your time reading on. If you are not satisfied with the number of clients you are getting right now and want something to change for the better, you must keep reading because this letter is the key to getting a successful massage therapy practice.

How did I go from desperate to a successful practice? Let me tell you, it was a lot of hard work, stuff ups and good old trial and error. I would not wish this on you so I have distilled everything I have learnt to get more clients and keep them coming back, since I started in 1994, into my four new e-books - "Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business", "Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists", "How To Write Advertising For Your Massage Therapy Business" and "Understanding Your Client".

These books give you the absolute, clear cut way to getting more clients and keeping them coming back. It's absolutely everything you need to create the successful, busy massage therapy practice you could ever want.

So what's in each book? Let's start with the first one:

"Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business"

" Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business" has 109 pages and 6 sections you will learn every successful method, tip and trick to build up your "booked-out-for-years" massage practise. In they are so easy to apply!

If you are a new Massage Therapist and want some solid direction on what to do to start gaining the amount of clients you want this ebook is written for you. With the information in the ebook you'll be able to start living off the income you make from massage.

It's the perfect beginners ebook for propelling your practise from small to thriving because you will get results quickly.

Lets take a look what's in "Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business";

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