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How to load a smart prepaid card

how to load a smart prepaid card

You can purchase a card online or in shops for €5.95. The card pack comes with a One Time Loading card that allows you to load up to €150 onto the card immediately. The MasterCard ® can then be used straight away to make purchases in-store.

To load further funds onto your MasterCard ® and to enable it for use at ATMs and online, simply register by clicking the Register A Card button below.

Registering only takes a few minutes. All we need is some basic information such as your name, address and passport or driving licence number. Within 2-3 working days we will send you a verification code which you will need to confirm back to us. You will then be able to load up to €2,500 per year onto your card. A maximum of €500 can be loaded at a time.

Simply go to one of our 1,800 Payzone agents

across Ireland with your MasterCard ®. Find your nearest agent by clicking the Find an Agent button below.

You can load up to €150 on your One Time Loading card. However, once your MasterCard ® has been registered and verified you can load up to €500 at a time and up to €2,500 per year.

Once loaded, your funds will be INSTANTLY available on your MasterCard ®. There is no need to show your ID or fill in any forms when loading your card. It's quick and easy - no hassle, no fuss!

You can now use your MasterCard ® to make purchases in-store or online. You can also use your MasterCard ® to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide. The Payzone Worldwide Money MasterCard ® can be used anywhere in the world where the MasterCard ® logo is displayed.

To find an ATM, click on the Find and ATM button below.

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