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How to load globe prepaid card

how to load globe prepaid card

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Turn on your computer and access your Internet browser. Type in the address bar. Create an account by clicking the “Free Trial” icon located on the home page of the Aryty website. Aryty is a subsidiary company of Globe Telecom. They provide the service of adding minutes to your card via the Internet. The money can be added to any card, regardless of its location. This service is popular with customers who do not reside in the Philippines.

Enter the name and phone number associated with the Globe card that you want to fund. This screen will populate after you have created your account.

Choose the amount of money that you will like to add to the

Globe card. A few choices will automatically populate for you. However, if you want to submit a different amount, choose “Other” and type the amount in the available box. Enter a nickname and click “Submit.” The nickname will be attached to the funding method.

Enter your debit or credit card information. This is the only method of payment that Aryty allows. The funds will be withdrawn from your bank or credit card account and deposited into your Globe prepaid card account. The funds will automatically be deposited onto the phone registered with the Globe prepaid card.

Restart your phone after you have successfully submitted your payment. Once the phone has completely restarted, you will notice the updated amount in account section of your phone.

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