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How to load prepaid globe

Jan 10, 2012

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It’s very frustrating to find out that the solution for this problem was not that easy to find on the internet. I have an iPad 2 3G/WiFi with me and I want to utilize this feature for browsing the internet. When I try to Google search for “cellular data + Ipad 2 + Globe Telecoms” keywords, I immediately look for the top five results. The first site on the list was and it took me to 5 minutes to look for the correct answer because you have to read the messages posted by different forumers trying to answer the question. When I tried to follow the directions given by a forumer, it just won’t work.

Then I proceed to the next site –, but the information was almost the same with the first. On my third attempt, I smiled because I saw yugatech blog site. But when I launched the page, I was surprised that there’s no helpful information there. What happened Abe? I checked the page and found out that it was another search result of what I’m looking for but this time the result were coming from his blog site. How did you do that Abe? Can you please share that trick with me?

I go back to the search result and look for the ‘correct’ answer by checking the URL that should belong to the GLOBE Telecom domain network.

Luckily I found the site that contains a page titled as “The Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM: Your iPad’s Perfect Partner!”. At first I really thought that it does not contain the ‘correct’ solution to my problem because of the page title. But when I check the contents of the page and follow the instructions given, I finally make it to work on my Ipad 2. Here are the step by step guides to configure cellular data settings on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Press “Reset” then “Reset Network Settings
  3. Go to “Cellular Data”
  4. Press “APN”
  5. Change APN to
    • For Postpaid. (no username/password)
    • For Prepaid. (no username/password)
  6. Deactivate Wi-Fi to be able to browse using the SIM (click Wi-Fi menu, turn-off)

NOTE: As of July 7, 2015. There’s an ongoing initiative in Globe Telecom to make it easy for us to browse the Web and that is to provide a single apn ( for both prepaid and postpaid subs. So it is normal for some Prepaid Globe SIM users to be able to consume data services provided by Globe via the “internet” apn.

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