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How to look fashionable on a limited budget

how to look fashionable on a limited budget

A Short Waisted Women’s Guide from Someone Who Knows!

Here are some suggestions on how to dress a short-waisted body type from someone who is actually short-waisted and has to deal with this dilemma every single day.

I’ve noticed that a lot of style guides suggest that you “hide” your short waist under long shirts and blazers, empire cut dresses and accessorize with belts that fall at your hips in an effort to give the appearance that your waist is longer… hmmmm.

Many of the styles they suggest (or confine us to), in my opinion, are some of the most unflattering looks! (Unless you’re into wearing casual, boho chic every day!)

The “standardized” suggestions out there do not translate well if you’re in a professional environment. Many of the items they steer short-waisted women to are unstructured looks that cover-up your figure instead of enhancing the positive. You can only look so evenly proportion with this

body type. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to really concentrate on “fooling the eye” to look like I have a longer waistline with waist hiding outfits. I think it’s more important to focus on looking well put together, showing off your curves and those great long legs that short-waisted women are blessed with!! Even though a woman has a short waist line; what you can get away with depends on your height, your weight, bone structure, large bust line vs. small bust, fuller hips vs. boyish hips, flat / small rear end vs. a healthy rear end.

So my suggestion is to try everything on and be very critical and honest about whether it compliments your body type or not. I have listed a few things that work for me that may help you in your decision making process, but it’s all relative….take what you can use and see how it works out for you.

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