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How to make budget on excel

Too much text for an Excel cell -- how to make the cell scrollable

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You should create an Active-X text box in the cell and edit some of it's settings to enable the scrolling/wrapping/multi-line features. I got this answer from this forum post :

My first thought would be to place a texbox in the cell, set MultiLine=True, WordWrap=True, EnterKeyBehavior=True, ScrollBars=fmScrollBarsVertical. Size the textbox to the same dimensions as the cell.

  1. Turn on Developer Options: Click the Microsoft Office Button at the top left, and click "Excel Options" (next to Exit Excel). Enable "Show

    Developer Tab in the Ribbon" and click okay.

  2. Click the Developer Tab. Under the Controls section, click Insert, and under the Active-X section, choose the Text Box (it looks like ab| ).

On the main worksheet, click-drag the area where you want to place the text box.

Ensure Design Mode is enabled and click Properties.

  • Set EnterKeyBehavior, MultiLine, and WordWrap to True. Set ScrollBars to 2 - fmScrollBarsVertical.

  • Disable Design Mode, and enter your text.

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