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How to cut coins to make jewelry

how to make coin necklace

Have you ever wondered about this cool beautiful designs on coins like state quarters and world coins and said hey i think this could be a great key chain or a pendant??

Step 1: What you need to get started

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first coins are really small and when you try to hold it down on a bench pin to cut with a jeweler saw will put lots of strain on your fingers joints. if you are cutting one or two then it's okay to use your hands if you are cutting many as a hobby or business then you need a better solution

If you gonna use your hands skip to the next step if not then you need to make this jig for coin holding


a drill with a drill bit and driver bit

a saw to cut the piece of wood (optional)

a pliers to tighten the wires (you don't need it if you get the steel hanging pictures wire)


- a diamond shaped hinge

- a piece of scrap wood about 8 inches long and have a whole 1.5 inches from the end. the whole could be any size bigger than the nail or bolt you are using from 3/8th to 1 inch because the hinge holes are 1/4 "

- 2 rubber rings

- a piece of wire about 5 feet long depends on the height of your desk (i recommend a 3 foot high desk or the height of your chest)

try use a steel picture hanging wire because the one in the picture didn't perform as required and i had to replace it

- 2 wood screw to fasten the hinge to the scrap piece of wood

- a nail that has a hole in its end or a carriage bolt and you can attach the wire between two nuts the idea here is to have anything smooth in the hinge holes. a thread will keep stopping the hinge from fully closing

- a spring in the hardware store it was #4

- a washer that fits the nail or bolt you are using


- first glue the rubber rings to the tips of the hinge with super glue. they protect the coins you are cutting from scratches and also they make a better grip on the coin doesn't make em slide

- attach the hinge to the piece of wood with the 2 screws

- get the spring and the washer and nail and assemble them like in the pictures below

- thread the wire through the nail hole and tighten it firmly

- wrap the other end of the wire to a any piece of steel or hard wood (anything that will work as a pedal or foot rest get creative)

- you are done just attach the jig to your desk using a clamp or screws what ever you like


you can get a small fish tank air bump and attach it to the jig to blow away the metal filing while you are cutting because they really get in the way and block you from seeing the details and as a rule of thumb

"if you can't see it you can't cut it"

you can use a small paint brush to brush the filings away

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