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OTiS and the Winter Recess Policy

To Benefits-eligible non-hospital employees:

The OTiS timekeeping system has been updated to accommodate the university's new Winter Recess Policy.

OTiS will have a new leave category (Winter Recess) which will maintain each employee's winter recess balance throughout the year. The new leave category will be displayed just under the vacation and sick accruals.

OTiS will post the Winter Recess Balances to all benefits eligible employees on Thursday, December 10 (the first day of biweekly #26). Employees working less than 100% will have their winter recess hours prorated based on the percentage of their time worked.

For departments that are able to close operations, winter recess should be taken during the period between Christmas and New Year's Day (This year December 26 – December 31). For departments that are unable to release employees during the winter recess period, winter recess may be taken at any approved time throughout the year (please see Winter Recess policy).

OTiS will reduce the balance of winter recess hours as they are taken. Employees will be able to use their winter recess hours throughout the year (similar to how the vacation leave category is used). The maximum number of available winter recess hours that may be carried on the books at any time will either be 30 or 32 hours depending on the employee's percent of time worked and whether they are regularly scheduled to work a 37.5 or 40 hour workweek. Employees cannot go negative with winter recess hours and will receive an OTiS "fatal error notification" if they have exceeded their available balance.

The winter recess hours will be pre-populated on all OTiS timesheets (except for employees whose home department is 1503 or 2030) on December, 24 (the first day of biweekly #1). Employees, approvers and home department coordinators may make changes to the winter recess time type hours on a timesheet just as they can vacation or sick. Employees working the winter recess who will be taking their hours at an alternate time will need to remove the winter recess hours manually. If those hours are not removed the employee will be paid the winter recess hours plus any hours worked. To remove winter recess hours from an employee's timesheet the user can simply delete the hours on the winter recess row for any given date or click the red " X " on

the far left of the timesheets to remove all hours.

If winter recess hours need to be added to a timesheet the user should click the arrow button down next to "Select a Time Type" and click "Winter Recess". This action creates a winter recess row on the OTiS timesheet that will allow the user to manually populate the winter recess hours.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the OTiS Help Desk at X1-2033 or email .

[ 12-8-2009 ]

Year End Information

You are encouraged to enroll in electronic W-2 delivery via " ". The deadline to sign up to receive your W-2 via the internet is January 4. For more information, refer to the "Year End Tax Forms FAQ ".

[ 12-1-2009 ]

Important Phising Alert: Fake IRS 8BEN Form

University Payroll Services has been informed that an email has been making the rounds, purporting to be from the IRS, asking an individual to complete and fax a W-8BEN, and threatening dire consequences if they do not.

This is an internet "scam" or "pfish". Everyone, especially non-resident aliens, should be aware that this is not a legitimate email. This is an attempt to fool non-resident aliens into revealing bank information for illegitimate purposes.

This is the email letter .  There is also a phony W-8BEN attached to the email, which you will note bears no resemblance to a real W-8BEN and which demands bank account numbers, branch information, and a copy of the passport.

Please note the following:

  • The letter is not on IRS letterhead
  • The IRS never communicates with taxpayers via email
  • The IRS would not ask for a person's bank account number or PIN
  • The IRS would never direct a form to be faxed to a private fax number
  • W-8BENs are filed with a non-resident alien's employer or bank, not with the IRS

Although this letter specifically targets non-resident aliens, it has also been reported on the internet as being received by people who are not NRAs.

If anyone has already responded to this pfish, you should contact your bank or other financial institution immediately to protect your assets.

[ 10-22-2009 ]

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