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Time management is one of those skills that everyone wishes they could do better just so they can get more out of their day, especially as 24 hours doesn’t always seem enough.

But rather than accepting you’ll run late or miss deadlines, there are simple things you can do and techniques to try to maximise your time and become a more effective worker – and happier person!

Quick wins

First off, manage your email and don’t let it manage you:

Quit all those mailing lists that seemed so useful at the time, they’ll only add to the background noise. "People lose up to 21 days a year dealing with the dross", says Monica Seeley, email management guru.

Turn off the ping! that indicates new mail in your inbox is another trick to win back time. Instead, pick the times in the day when you will deal with email rather than responding to each new email and letting it interrupt your tasks.

Sort your mail so you can see emails that are sent to you directly rather than

the ‘usual suspects’ cc list, will save you days. You can do this by colour coding messages sent from the tool options on your menu.

Quit chatting to your colleagues at your desk. Try and keep the gossip to a water cooler catch-up instead. If you always have to chat to every desk you pass by, try and avoid the busy areas, it will add literally hours to your working day.

All of the above fall under the ‘stop procrastinating’ category. “Work out what your time wasting habits are then root them out”, says Flemming Madsen, founder of online networking hub, PowerMingle.

Time management techniques

The Pomodoro technique

How it works

  • Choose a task to be accomplished. Set the timer to 25 minutes
  • Work on the task until the timer rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper
  • Take a short break (five minutes, no longer)
  • Every four tasks that you complete, take a longer break
  • Do the worst task first

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