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How to manage payroll

how to manage payroll

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Become a Software Project Manager

Get certified. Going through a certification program can make it easier for you to become a software project manager, because your future boss will have an idea of your competency and background. Visit Software Certifications for more information about certification programs (see Resources below).

Get a bachelor's degree in computers and an MBA at a minimum before applying for a job. Education plus on-the-job experience makes for a well-rounded software project manager.

Speak to your potential employer in depth about the project and his expectations of you. Some projects need a manager with highly specialized skills, while others are better for generalists.

Become familiar with "Extreme Programming." This methodology is often used in software projects to develop a successful program and stay organized while

doing it. The process involves finishing smaller projects in lieu of of a large batch of process.

Focus on risk. Projects will have problems that mostly arise from risky situations that start because aspects of the project are still unknown. Reduce this risk by answering questions as they arise, which will limit what is unknown and, in turn, limit the risk of failure.

Become a good communicator by listening to others and taking what they have to say into consideration in your decision-making. A good project manager knows how to listen and implement good suggestions while encouraging employees to think up new strategies when things fall flat.

Get experience in coding. A good manager should have a working knowledge of the programming behind the software. Try to take a class before starting a project.

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