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How To Make Jewelry from Coins

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Coins have been used for jewelry for centuries. Precious metal coins like gold and silver ones have a significant monetary value so wearing them showed off wealth and status. It was also of keeping one's money about you rather than leaving it unguarded at home.

Coin based jewelry charms and pendants are still popular today. Here are some awesome tutorials using coins. One word of caution. If you have a valuable historical coin - don't drill holes in it because it will lose its value. Try wire wrapping instead.

First up is the Decal Penny Pendant (above) tutorial by Cathe Holden on Just Something I Made blog. The copper penny she used is just a convenient round

disc to exercise her creative embellishing skills! She recommends the use of Amazing Glaze embossing powder.

As I said above, some coins have a fair bit of value. So some artisans turn pre-1964 US coins (not nickels or pennies) into rings! The half dollars back then contain 90% silver - that's a pretty high content, almost that of sterling silver (92.5%). Just check out the Coin Ring Tutorial by FrogSongStudio and see the transformation into the splendid ring on the left! (update. this link no longer works so check this video tutorial which shows the process without power tools.

Some coins from different countries are just ready made for making jewelry. The coins used in the easy wire wrapping video tutorial by Shawn Wilson of Shavig Designs were Indian ones, dated 1943.

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