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How to obtain elevation certificate

how to obtain elevation certificate


How to Obtain an Oak Hill Building Permit

Before any construction can begin, construction plans must be approved by the Building Official of the City of Oak Hill. A permit is then issued, and formal inspection of various phases of construction will be made by the Building Official, or his designated inspector.

Construction must be performed by a Tennessee State licensed contractor, with proof of worker's compensation and liability insurance. A homeowner can pull his/her own building permit as a "Self-Build" permit, making the homeowner the general contractor of the project, and thereby responsible for all construction materials and progress for the permit.

The requirement of obtaining building permits applies not only to new structures, but to any work that physically changes structures or land forms already on the property, plus any other work regulated by the City building codes and ordinances. Once the plans have been delivered to the office, it could take up to three (3) business days to review the plans for codes compliance.

Your first step in obtaining a building permit will depend on the type of construction you propose. Select the appropriate option at right or scroll down.


Permits for Additions to Existing Dwellings or Buildings

Submit one copy of a site plan (drawn to scale), and a copy of construction plans showing: floor plan, elevation plans, details of footing/foundation, and details of wall and roof tie-in. Both should be drawn to a scale by a licensed architect or engineer. The site plan should show the entire lot, all easements, the location of all existing structures, as well as the proposed additions relative to the setbacks, and the impervious surface calculations. (A survey drawing of the property will usually be adequate.) top

Permits for New One-Family Dwellings

Submit one complete set of drawings to scale for plans review, including of one site plan showing the lot drawn to scale, impervious surface calculations, all setbacks, house relative to the setbacks, driveway location and access, and all easements that are on the property. The drawings should be prepared by a licensed architect or engineer and should include foundation plan, floor plans, front, rear and side elevations and wall sections. Upon plans submittal, a site inspection may be required prior to building permit issuance. top

Permits for Special Structures

including in-ground swimming pools, decks, accessory buildings, driveways, roof replacements, house moving, large landscape projects, etc.)

Present one copy of the site plan, and one complete set of drawings and specifications of the proposed structure(s). They should show pertinent architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical, fire protection, civil elevator and foundation details in accordance with applicable zoning ordinances and City building codes. top

Permits For Any Type Construction to a Church or


For a church or school to obtain building permits for new structures or renovations to existing structures, a Conditional Use Permit may be required before permits are issued. This requires review by the Oak Hill Board of Zoning Appeals and the Planning Commission. A meeting must be scheduled between the church or school and the City Manager and City staff to discuss the scope of work being done to ascertain whether an updated Conditional Use Permit is needed. See Updating or Requesting a Conditional Use Permit. top


In the event that the proposed construction plans do not comply with the ordinances of the City of Oak Hill, the homeowner may decide to seek a variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals of the City of Oak Hill. Variances may be granted to homeowners in special circumstances where the property conditions require the construction to be completed in violation of the building restrictions for Oak Hill; i.e. a hardship. Procedures of obtaining a variance are available from the office staff. See Variance Procedure for more information. top

Construction Requirements

After the permit is received, it must be mounted on a frame and placed in the front yard in a location visible from the street and approximately 20 feet from the edge of the street. After construction begins, all structural inspections (footing, framing, and insulation inspections) will be made by the Building Official of Oak Hill, or his representative. The electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits are to be pulled from Metro Codes. top

Site Plan Requirements and Example

If your plans meet City zoning ordinances and building codes, and when all fees are paid and/or bonds in place, a building permit will be issued. Your fees are based on the total cost of construction. (Checks payable to City of Oak Hill.) See an example of a site plan here. top


The City's Building Official will make both routine and required inspections during construction of the building. When the completed structure meets the City's building codes and all required inspections have been completed by the Building Official, a Final Inspection will then be performed. The structure will be ACCEPTED, and the City Manager will be notified that the building is approved for occupancy. top


Following the completion of all inspections and the acceptance of the structure(s), a Certificate of Use and Occupancy will be issued by the City of Oak Hill Building Official, which authorizes the homeowner to inhabit and use the facilities. Failure to obtain the Use and Occupancy permit may result in loss of insurance coverage in the event of a damage claim related to the work, delays in the sale of the property, and/or fines by the City of Oak Hill. top

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