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How to operate atm card

how to operate atm card

5 Clever ATM Theft Scams and How To Avoid Them: Internet ScamBusters #213

Today we haver an important issue for you that focuses on ATM theft. It’s called “5 Clever ATM Theft Scams and How To Avoid Them.”

Fake PIN pads? Skimmers? Cash trapping? ATM theft is getting downright sneaky. Often people don’t know they’ve been victimized by ATM theft until it’s too late. Do you know how to recognize and protect yourself from these sneaky ATM scams? If not, today you’ll find out how.

Plus, we’ll answer the most common question we get about ATM machines: Does entering your PIN number in reverse really summon the police?

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Let’s check out today’s…

5 Clever ATM Theft Scams and How To Avoid Them

With more than 1.5 million ATM machines around the world, most of us simply take our ATM cards for granted. Unfortunately, thieves know this and use it to their advantage — so ATM theft is a big problem.

In fact, as ATM banking technology advances so too do the thieves. They have become so clever in their crimes that you may well not see them coming. The good news is that there are easy ways to protect yourself from ATM theft.

In this ScamBusters issue, we highlight 5 common ATM scams. Since knowledge is power, we offer eight tips on recognizing and avoiding these scams.

But first, we’ll answer the most common question we receive about ATM machines: Does entering your PIN number in reverse really summon the police?

The answer is no. We started seeing the email hoaxes on this topic this past September. Although this concept seems like a good idea, and a system was actually designed to notify the police by a Chicago businessman (so there is a grain of truth to this urban legend), no such system has been implemented.

The banking industry is not interested in the technology because of the cost and because they don’t believe it would work. Imagine trying to remember you PIN number backwards with a thief pointing a gun at your head.

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