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3 Odd Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy!

7 organizing projects that take 5 minutes or less!

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So I am well aware that I’m a bit of an odd duck.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time or know me in real life, I can totally see you nodding your head right now in agreement.  Don’t even feel bad about it, it’s okay, I really am fine with my weirdness.  I better be because I hear about it all the time :)  In fact, one of my girlfriends was just over visiting the other day and after opening my fridge she proclaimed once again to me, you know in case I’d somehow forgotten, that I am indeed a very weird girl.  This is, of course, always followed up with “but that’s why we love you”.  Ha!  It takes one to know one, am I right?

Today’s post is in support of weirdness everywhere.  I’ll go first and list three things about me that some may find odd but that make me ridiculously happy.  Like way to happy than they probably should but it’s the simple things in life don’t you think?  Then afterwards I want you, yes you, to share in the comments something about yourself that others might find weird but you really don’t care because it just makes you so happy.  Weird is great and fun and should be celebrated at all times, whoot!!

1.  I love to deadhead flowers.

Yep.  Deadheading makes me very very happy.

I find it sooooo relaxing and really it just makes total sense because deadheading is all about the purging and getting rid of the old right?.  Over and over and over again.  You know which flowers need the most deadheading?  Petunias.  My favorite are the wave petunias because they multiply like crazy.  Like

every day.  Purge, purge, purge.  I just can’t stop!!

2.  I love a pretty fridge.

Okay this is the one I probably get teased the most about but how often are we in and out of fridges?  All day long so why not have it be fun to look at.  I can’t believe I’ve never shared this before but then I read this post from my blog friend, Joanna at Pretty Life in the Suburbs, and saw that she also a pretty fridge and I was like we are KINDRED SPIRITS.

I just bought inexpensive placemats from Walmart and tacked them down with Scotch double sided restickable tabs .  I only had to trim the placemats slightly to fit, really easy to do.  And messes clean up super easy too.  But that’s really beside the point, the point is LOOK HOW PRETTY!  So happy!

3.  I really love doing puzzles.

Seriously this one again totally ties in with the whole organizing JUNKIE thing.  A puzzle starts out all messy and disorganized and the whole act of joining those little tiny pieces together leads to organization and beauty.  What’s not to love about the whole thing??

This summer with my son (15) laid up with a broken foot the puzzles have been out in full force.  He loves doing them as much as I do.  So we’ve got a puzzle party going on around here….we leave one set up on the coffee table so we can organize puzzle whenever we want to :)  Sweet!

This is the current puzzle we are working on.

Now it’s your turn!

Embrace the weirdness and just shout it from the mountain tops one thing that makes you ridiculously happy but others give you a hard time about.  Thanks for playing along :)

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