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How to read ecg report

how to read ecg report

eMotion ECG. Protecting the heart is vital for people with cardiac diseases. Ensuring cardiac health and receiving required treatment on time is important in order to continue normal life with confidence. eMotion ECG Mobile is a remote electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring system making this possible. Continuous real time monitoring is done at home or at work this way allowing normal everyday life. Safety of the patient is ensured and resources will be used more efficiently.

Real-time HRV Measurements with the HRV Scanner software

When equipped with HRV Scanner software eMotion ECG can be used for real-time HRV measurements. HRV Scanner option offers versatile real-time test that are performed using the eMotion ECG sensor. More information about the HRV Scanner software can be found here .

eMotion ECG Mobile solution

The ECG data is being transmitted from the ECG sensor to mobile phone via Bluetooth. Phone forwards the data over mobile network to server which stores the data. The data can be handled in two ways: with

a web browser for analyzing purposes or with a real time monitoring view on a computer. From the web browser a specialist can investigate and analyze thoroughly the stored ECG data. The analysis report can be sent to patient’s email immediately after its done. The monitoring view enables the monitoring of several patients simultaneously. Patient’s heart rate can be seen from the view, and alarms will indicate the problems detected on patients or devices and helps to decide actions. With additional blood pressure meter and scale with Bluetooth, it is possible to add patient’s blood pressure and weight information to the same monitoring view.

eMotion ECG Mobile software

eMotion ECG Mobile is a platform offering versatile functionalities for remote ECG monitoring:

• Real time ECG monitoring platform

• Alarming system for reporting problems with patients or device

• Browser based analysis platform

• Direct feedback over wireless connection

• Easy-to-understand reports

Remote ECG measurement can be utilized in following fields:

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