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How To Do The Ing Ping Ching Magic Trick

how to read i ching coins

Step 1: You will need

  • a willing human
  • a deck of cards
  • a rubber band
  • 2 identical coins.

Step 2: The Trick

Stop someone in the street and tell them to prepare for a good tricking. Ask them if they have a 2p piece. If they don't, provide one of your own. Tell them to put it in their hand and grip it firmly and tell them that throughout the trick, they must concentrate all their energy on the coin.

Now ask them to pick a card. Tell them to look at it and tell them to put the card on the top of the deck and shuffle the cards. Shuffle them thoroughly with another type of shuffle.

Now cut the cards. Now that the cards are 'all shook up', tell your participant to tap the top card and then turn it over. Tell them it is their card. But it isn't. Tell them to put the coin from their hand on top of the deck and secure it there with an ordinary rubber band.

Explain that as copper is very conductive it has received their identity energy and that as their card still has a residue of them on it, it will draw their card to the top of the deck, for this - like any dynamic system - the cards need to be in flux, so you are going to pass them between your hands. Ing ping ching.

Suddenly the card has changed to their card! Underneath the coin!

Step 3: How it's done

First ask the participant to grip a coin in their palm. Spin them some yarn about copper and energy. The only set up you need for this trick is to have a 2 pence piece in your hand from the beginning. This is concealed by the deck of cards and is a secret.

Let the participant choose a card from the deck. This is a free choice, you need not know what card they pick for this trick to work. Once they have had a look at it ask them to place it on the top. We are using a blue card here to show this clearly. With your first shuffle you control the chosen card to the bottom of the deck by sliding it off the top of the deck

with your thumb, this also conceals the second coin, then simply do not involve the bottom card with the rest of the shuffle.

Now perform a Hindu shuffle but again do not involve the bottom card, by only removing cards from the middle of the deck. You can also cut the deck as long as you don't remove the bottom card. Although none of these shuffles affect the position of the chosen card, they give the impression when performed in sequence that the cards are fully mixed and there is no way David could know where any cards are.

It's a deception, the 'essence' of magic now allow the participant to turn over the top card, telling him it will be his card.

It's not his card, he knows it, and crucially, Zanthor knows it.

It's all part of the set up, nothing has gone wrong at all.

This is not only to build suspense and anticipation to the trick but also having a face up card on the top of the deck helps to fool the eye during the ancient Ing Ping Ching illusion which you will now perform.

After he tells you it's not his card, remind him about the coin in his hand. Tell him now it's moment has come and he should put it on top of the deck. Hold it there with your thumb but at the same time, pick up the duplicate coin and hold it to the bottom of the deck with your fingers. With the rubber band, tie both cards to the coins without showing the underside of the deck. Now Ing Ping Ching is set.

He thinks there's a coin on top of the deck. You know that there's also one on the bottom of the deck along with their chosen card. Start tossing the cards from one hand to another. When you're ready, quickly flip the cards with your fingers to spin the pack into your hand so that the bottom card is now showing. With enough practice, you can make the turning of the deck unperceivable to the naked eye.

As they don't know about the second coin and the position of the chosen card, it will appear as though the top card has magically turned into the chosen card beneath the coin. This is Ing Ping Ching, and an example of the o

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