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Paypal Stopped Personal Payment in India

how to receive payment thru paypal

By: Harsh Agrawal In:Shoutmeloud Last Updated: 15/08/2015 (110 Comments )

While sending payment via Paypal. it has various option like Services, Goods and personal payment option.

In personal payment option there is no service charge and it was being misused by many people. Even on the client transaction, people prefer making payment under personal payment option.

Today onwards Paypal has stopped personal payment option for India territory which is a big set back for many. I received 111$ from infolinks 2 days back and paypal has reversed the payment with this note :

Hello Harsh Agrawal,

Your payment of 111.84 has been sent back to the sender of the payment.

We reversed this payment because we have stopped allowing personal payments to be sent to or from India.

If this was a payment for a purchase of goods or services,

and not a personal payment, then you may contact the buyer and have him or her resend the payment as follows: (a) click the Send Money tab, (b) select “Goods,” and (c) provide a shipping address.

If this payment was a personal payment such as a gift, then we have requested that the sender find another payment method until we restore personal payments to and from India.

We are trying to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and we’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Atleast Paypal should have reminded about it earlier and started this process from the transaction made from today onwards. For me I need to get in touch with infolinks and 2-3 other sender to reissue the check.

Are you facing any such issue with paypal?


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