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How To Remodel A Kitchen On a Budget

how to redo a kitchen on a budget

In other states across this country people are “over the moon.”

Or “wicked excited.”

Or “walking on air.”

Or they are “tickled pink.”

Not in Kentucky.


Here in the bluegrass state we have “a come apart.”

Having a come apart is when you own a gatehouse and you are shopping in IKEA with your sister-in-law and you can’t decide how you are going to decorate the kitchen because your husband has put you on a budget…..and then you see this orange and white polka-dotted rug with the cutest polka dots ever in the history of ever across the store…..and you realize that rug is exactly in the rug you have been looking for your entire life.

And you run to the rug.

And it’s only $39.99.

And your mouth opens and you stand there….kind of in a polka dot rug daze and kind of trying to grab the rug with one hand while wildly gesturing at your sister-in-law and pointing at the polka dots without ever making a sound.

You are speechless.

And totally not rugless.

That’s exactly what it means to have “a come apart.”

Remember the kitchen that started like this?

And this?

It wasn’t too bad.

The flooring was kind of cute….except it was peeling up at the edges and had all kinds of random stuff on it from when the gatehouse was a beauty shop.

Can you even believe it?


And I stayed within budget.

We remodeled the kitchen for $294.17 (not counting the new refrigerator).

I’ve got so many fun projects to show you in the next couple of weeks….but in the meantime….here’s a few ideas on how to remodel a kitchen on a budget.


To Remodel a Kitchen On a Budget

1.  I bought this lamp super cheap and re-did the shade.

It’s sale fabric from Hobby Lobby with orange ribbon hot glued to the top.

2.  We took off the cabinet doors on the top cabinet and striped the back of the cabinets.

3.  I shopped the house and some of the milk glass migrated over to the gatehouse.

I know you are surprised.

4.  The chairs and table are from a thrift store and painted white.

5.  We painted the walls white with SW Alabaster.

Then we striped the walls with gray horizontal stripes in SW Silverplate and painted orange letters above each gray stripe.

To paint the letters….I just traced chipboard letters with a pencil.

Then I painted the letter outlines with basic acrylic orange paint.

6.  I shopped the house and found these old baskets.

I spray painted them white and then spray painted orange numbers on them just like this project .

7.  All the melamine plates and dish towels are from IKEA.

8.  The sign above the new fridge (which currently only holds diet coke, water and one lemon) came from Hobby Lobby.

It didn’t look like this when I started.

I repainted it and distressed it a little.

All this shopping the house and gray stripes and orange painted reminders to keep your elbows off the table…..make my heart smile.


It’s bright and fun and wonderful kitchen.

And it all started with a trip to IKEA and a rug….

….and a good old-fashioned Kentucky “come apart.”  

PS  If you missed the front of the gatehouse remodel with some fun curb appeal ideas….click here .

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