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How to Load a Globe Tattoo

how to reload globe prepaid

Globe Tattoo, the mobile Internet service of the Philippines' Globe Telecom, requires the use of a USB stick that serves as a modem to provide users with mobile Internet. Offering up to 2Mbps of broadband connection, Globe Tattoo can be used as a prepaid or post-paid service. For more surfing hours for prepaid users, they must put additional load to their Globe Tattoo SIM. Meanwhile, those using the post-paid service must pay a fixed monthly amount for their broadband Internet.

Using AutoLoad Max

Get your Globe Tattoo SIM number, which is written on the upper right hand side of the SIM card. This SIM card is the one placed inside the USB modem similar to how you place a SIM card in GSM mobile phones. This number is required when reloading your Globe Tattoo service.

Go to a retailer and provide your Globe Tattoo SIM number. Choose from the available load denominations offered by the retailer's "AutoLoad Max" service.

Pay the load denomination you want to use for your Globe Tattoo prepaid service. This will provide you with the load amount you paid for in a similar way as reloading a regular prepaid mobile phone.

Using Share-a-Load

Use any Globe prepaid or post-paid mobile phone to transfer load credits from the phone to your Globe Tattoo account via the process called "Share-a-load." If you don't have

a Globe mobile phone, you may use someone else's phone and you may just pay that person the cash equivalent of the amount you want to load. If you are not comfortable with this process, just choose another loading option to use.

Text-in the exact load amount you want to transfer to your Globe Tattoo account, then send the text to your Globe Tattoo number. However, take note that you have to replace your Globe Tattoo's first digit number from the default "0" to "2." For instance, for the phone number "0917-xxx-xxxx," you should type-in "2917-xxx-xxxx" instead.

Wait for the confirmation text that the transfer of load is successful. After the first transaction, the phone number used for the transfer will also receive a message prompting for a 4-digit PIN. Nominate a PIN to protect the phone from any unauthorized loading.

Using a Prepaid Card

Go to a load retailer. Choose from the available denominations of prepaid cards for your Globe Tattoo.

Scratch off the silver patch located at the back of the prepaid card to reveal its activation and PIN numbers.

Use a Globe mobile phone to call the number "223," then follow the voice prompt to enter the activation and PIN numbers.

Wait for the confirmation from the voice prompt that the load has been successfully added to your Globe Tattoo's prepaid balance.

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