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Is Fox Rent A Car any good?

how to rent a car with a debit card

I've used Fox in several places.

Our absolute WORST rental car experience ever was w/ Fox in San Francisco. Never again.

Staff weere surly, would not get up from teh desk where they had their feet up on, left us standing in the gargare in plain site of the car type we reserved and stated those are reserved for someone else.

I have used them also in Orange County. I go there to visit my elderly mother, so I have plenty of stress. Once, on the shuttle from Fox to the airport, the traffic made the trip close to 40 minutes, and I vowed, never again.

Then, the price for a 4 day weekend was a quarter the price of on-site agencies, so I decided to go with Fox again. No traffic delay.

By the way, I locked my keys in the car at a gas station next door, and called Fox with

my cell phone to see if they had extra keys. Shockingly, they said they had no extra keys. I can hardly believe that's the case.

Luckily, there were two guys almost sleeping in a plumbing truck, and I asked them if they could open the car, which they could. Yeah! I gave them $20, and made my plane. Whew!

In general, like non-stop flights, I prefer on-site rental agencies, but, given substantial savings, I'll go with Fox.

I had two problems with Fox. First at Las Vegas I had a reservation for an economy car and got there mid-afternoon and they had rented out the last 1. They were nice enough to rent me a Jeep CJ at the same price. The driving felt strange on I15 but I thought it was just the short wheelbase. When I got to Barstow, I checked the tire pressures and found 2 tires that were under 25psi.

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