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How to Replace Your Convertible Soft Top

how to replace mustang convertible top


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Owners of soft top convertibles, including BMW, Ford Mustang, and Mazda Miata models, love driving on the open road with the tops down and blue skies above. Keeping a soft top maintained and in good condition ensures many years of enjoyment, but, eventually, a soft top has to be replaced. Whether it is from exposure to the elements or general wear and tear, convertible soft tops wear out and do not last forever.

While owners can pay professionals to do the work for them, soft top removal and installation can be expensive. Those who want to save money can remove and install their new soft tops themselves. When installing soft tops, vehicle owners need to know a few things before proceeding. This includes the exact model of the convertible, the type of soft top material, the tools needed, and instructions for removing and installing a convertible soft top properly and safely. To purchase new soft tops, vehicle owners can find them at automotive supply

shops and at various sites online, including eBay.

Choosing a Soft Top

While vehicle owners have a large selection of convertible soft tops to choose from, they do need to keep some factors in mind when shopping. These factors include the vehicle model, the type of material, the top's colour, the number of layers making up the top, the tint of the windows, and the inclusion of side windows.

Vehicle Model

The first thing convertible owners need to do is determine which soft tops they can use. Not all soft tops made by a particular vehicle manufacturer fit all its convertible models. The various tops are usually compatible with certain years, models, and makes of vehicles. By focusing on the tops that fit their convertibles, owners can save time when shopping.

Soft Top Material

When choosing soft tops, vehicle owners should keep in mind the materials they prefer. The following table outlines the two most common types of soft top materials: fabric and vinyl.

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