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How to transfer a BT Smart Talk account between phones

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Q: Is it possible to move to BT SmartTalk to a new mobile phone without having to create a new BT ID using a different email address?

Graham Patterson

Smart Talk is an app that allows BT customers to use their home phone allowance to make calls over wi-fi or mobile data. For instance you can use it to call 0800 numbers from a mobile – calls you would typically be charged for. You can also use it abroad to call home over a wi-fi connection.

If you are using the same BT ID as the one you originally registered on your old phone, then you can transfer it to your new phone.

You need to first cease the app on your existing phone.

1: Launch the app and tap Menu

2: Go to Settings – Stop using BT SmartTalk

1: Click the Menu icon

2: Go to Settings – Stop using BT SmartTalk

At this point you’ll need to wait 24 hours before setting up Smart Talk on your new phone.

You can have a maximum of five devices using BT Smart Talk, but they

will require different BT Mail sub-accounts to work, and they will then need verifying via the primary BT ID.

If you are having further problems call 0800 800 151. Once you get through the system will ask you to say what the problem is, simply say ‘BT Smart Talk App’ and that will put you through to the team who can help you with this.

Have a tech problem you need help with? Email us at and the BT Tech Experts will do their best to offer advice on these pages. Sorry, it’s not possible to respond to every email received.

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