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How do i report my car stolen

how do i report my car stolen

Why I don’t Keep a Gun In My Car Anymore

When i’m not on a Instagram induced guilt trip of, “I need to start working out more and eating healthier” because one of my friends just started cross fit and posted a progress picture, I have a tendency to eat late. Nothing is more annoying than jumping into my car at 2am, driving to Ihop (Stop Judging Me) and realizing you forgot your carry gun.

Consequently, I started leaving a gun in my car so I had one when I went on these late night Ihop binges (I Said stop judging me).

Recently my car was broken into. They didn’t take anything because there was nothing to take. That night, I realized, wether there’s something visible or not, these assholes are now simply breaking into cars hoping to find something you hid.

I could leave a crap gun in the car, so that if it is stolen I won’t cry a river about it. Personally, I am more uncomfortable with the idea that there is now a criminal who just got his hands on a shiny new hi-point.

There are also those times where you can’t  bring your carry gun with you, so, you’re forced to leave it in the car. So, In an attempt to pre-empt these types of situations, I started keeping

a miniature gun vault in my car.

Now, when I find myself somewhere I can’t carry my gun and I have to leave my gun in the car, I can simply lock it in the miniature gun vault. Now, if someone breaks into my car, they’ll find the miniature gun vault, but they won’t have access to the gun, at least not if it’s a smash and grab kind of job.

There are some draw backs. Valet parking can become a very interesting situation. It will get a be a bit odd if you have to tell the attendant, hold on, I need to turn my car off, open my mini gun vault and place my gun inside, before I let you valet my car. Also, The only discreet place I found to put the vault is on the floor of the back seat. I wasn’t a contortionist in a past life so reaching back there and grabbing the damn thing is hell.

In the end, the gun vault still comes in very handy, when I have no choice but to lock my gun in the car. There are a good number of these type of vaults, I’ll link to the ones I used and also to some that I think are a little better.

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