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How do i report someone for tax evasion

how do i report someone for tax evasion


ext_2615804 over-charges sales tax on Straight Talk phone cards is charging double the local sales tax on their Straight Talk phone cards. I can duplicate this online; customer service can too. Yet, she told me that there’s nothing she can do about it, before the purchase. Afterwards, you can dispute the tax and how they got to that amount. I got this information after calling customer support (which I waited 35 minutes on hold for).

Before that, I sent the following e-mail:

I'm purchasing a $45 Straight Talk Unlimited* Text, Talk and Web Access 30-Day Service Card (Email Delivery). I'm being charged way too much tax, $6.53. I believe the web site is incorrectly calculating sales tax. A few weeks ago, I put this product in the cart and got a total of $49.11. So, my relative gave me a $50 Visa gift card for this purpose. Now, today, it's calculating it as $52.37. That's 14.245% tax! That is exactly twice as much as sales tax, which is 7.125%.

Could you please reset my cart or something? Can I call you guys? I need to get my phone working now!

Here are the details of the cart:

Card: $45.00

Merchandise Fees: $0.84

Shipping: Free

Tax: $6.53

The total should be $49.11

Walmart responded, as if they didn’t even read my e-mail, with the following response:

Hello Craig,

We apologize that you experienced problems with our website during your visit to Currently, we are unaware of any technical problems that might affect the availability of our website.

Please call us at 1-800-966-6546 so we can assist you in placing your order.

Sincerely, Customer Care

And here’s the kicker. I originally called up Straight Talk support and presented the problem. I originally asked if I could pay over the phone using two forms of payment, since it costs $50.04 by credit card over the phone and I receive a Visa gift card every month for $50. They said they don’t accept multiple payments, but said that it would be cheaper if I bought a calling card online from This was three weeks ago and I checked online and the prices was $49.11. But, when I purchase it now, it’s $52.37.

My solution is, instead of buying this phone card online, to drive down to the store and buy it at the appropriate tax rate. What a pain major inconvenience!

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