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How to report anti social behaviour

how to report anti social behaviour

AppNexus Joins comScore Industry Trust

As of today, comScore Trust Profiles – the first phase of the company’s Industry Trust initiative that allows buyers to use key comScore advertising metrics directly in select programmatic trading platforms – are available to AppNexus customers in the U.S. Canada and Mexico with additional market rollout coming soon. Read more

The Vital Role Media Buyers Play in Fighting Ad Fraud

The digital media industry has spent the last year trying to get to the bottom of ad fraud and non-human traffic (NHT). While it is in media sellers’ best interest to clean up the ecosystem, media buyers play their own vital role in fighting ad fraud. Read more

comScore Acquires Proximic to Bring Enhanced Trust and Transparency to Digital Advertising

Today, I’m excited to announce that comScore acquired Proximic, Inc. Bringing the Proximic offerings to comScore will

further help our customers to optimize their advertising campaigns and create much needed transparency in the online advertising ecosystem. The acquisition also aligns directly with our strategy of helping to shine a spotlight on the. Read more

Top 5 Reasons Why Sellers Should Care about NHT and Online Ad Fraud

There is much yet to be exposed about ad fraud and each new technology that is uncovered is another potential threat to your brand as a media seller and puts your ad revenue at risk. In fact, it is in the interest of media sellers – publishers, supply side platforms and ad networks alike – to get ahead of the fight against fraudsters to protect. Read more

In-View and In-Target: Campaign Benchmarks Reveal Variability in Delivery across Europe

Understanding campaign performance is critical for all stakeholders in the digital advertising ecosystem. Read more

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