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World of warcraft how to make money

world of warcraft how to make money


Best Answer: I am going to say to you, what I tell everyone. And so far it not only has gotten me "Best Answers" but also emails telling me thanks:

There are many way to make gold in World of Warcraft. Most people think that the best way to make gold is to farm and grind mobs, but that is not very efficient at all. Good ways to make gold are the market and professions. (Will include links if need be).

No one makes more money than savvy marketeers, and you don’t need to have a high level character to do it. Low level characters (that are poor) can just focus on items that are less expensive but also have good margins (difference between the price you can buy something at and price you can sell it at). First of all you need a couple of programs to help you in your endeavors. Go to to download Auctioneer and Enchantrix and also go to to get Fizzwidget’s Reagent Cost. Now create a new character on the same server and faction that your main character is on, so you can mail stuff (like enchanted items that you can change if you would also like to make money on your alt through enchanting, which is very lucrative) back and forth between your characters. This character will be your market character. Get it to level 5 and then take it to a popular city. You want to use Auctioneer to scan your factions Auction House everyday for a few days so you can build a market database. The best time to

scan is in the morning when other marketers haven’t taken all of the good deals yet, but you can do it whenever as there area always good deals to be found. Keep an eye out for items that sell in high volume like crafting and quest items as those items are high in demand and you can focus on those as they usually have a good margin. All you need to do is sell items for a little bit more than you bought them for and your profits will add up. People are lazy and impatient and they want to sell their items quickly so they are willing to sell for less than they are actually worth. You want to be the person who buys these items from them so you can sell them at a better price. You want to make your order prices high enough so that they will get filled, but low enough so that you can sell the items you buy for more. List all your items for 24 hours. You can also make money buying all of the units for sale at the auction house of a particular items and selling them for a higher price, creating a monopoly. You can even buy items for cheaper bulk and then split them up into single units to sell them for more. Think of the possibilities. After you scan with Auctioneer, you should buyout the items that have atleast a 50% profit margin. Then you can bid on the items that are under listed by 50% or more. That’s basically all there is to it, get Auctioneer and try it out.

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