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Wow how to make money with enchanting

wow how to make money with enchanting


April 2, 2014 at 11:15 am

Well that’s an interesting question.

Inscription is what I have most of my experience with, and I have very minimal experience with enchanting.

With inscription you can make the secret shoulder inscriptions which grant you roughly 320 extra of a stat, agility for WW. With enchanting you get 320 of that same stat through enchanting your rings instead. You also get to make your own weapon enchantments, which from my experience is a large amount of money saved. With inscription you can make your own glyphs, which is also a good chunk of money saved.

All realms are different in terms of their auction house economy, which is also influenced by other realms indirectly. Factors of how much money you can make at which profession are dependant upon a large number of things. How many people will be fighting with you on the AH, The population of your realm, The cost of supplies (If you don’t gather your own ingredients.), how much people buy things for (The last two here go into supply and demand, which I could write a doctoral thesis on, so I won’t bore you with the immense details of that.). Then you also have to take into account the outliers. These are people who will put things up for auction at stupid prices just to irritate other people. One example on my server is someone who puts up bizarre glyphs for upwards of 750g (This person was half of my inspiration to start inscription.). You also have people who will undercut prices to an absurd amount (An example was someone who undercut a glyph of mine by putting one up for 5g just because he could. I know for a fact he lost money on that because you can sell the supplies for more.).

One thing I would tell you is that as you progress in level you will get more usage from inscription along the way, however I can see how enchanting would be far more beneficial at the end game. You’ll likely make money either way, but enchanting (To my knowledge), does not require another profession to gather ingredients for leveling. Thus enchanting may be cheaper, as you can simply farm items to disenchant for materials. The way I look at it is that any alts that you create going forward benefit more from having inscription initially, then as they reach max level will benefit far more from enchanting.

I would say enchanting will probably be more money, as many armor pieces take an enchantment of some sort as does your weapon, so you’ll be moving more enchantments through the auction house than you will shoulder inscriptions and glyphs. This is mainly because you have permanent glyph unlocks, buy one and that character knows it forever. Whereas every time you get a new chunk of gear, you need a new enchantment

for it.

This all being said, I don’t know your server’s economy. I don’t know if your enchantments are super cheap and your glyphs are brutally expensive, or the other way around. I don’t know if your herbs are exceptionally cheap (Mine were relatively cheap in price so the glyphs I was creating paid for the herbs and left me with rather substantial profit.), I also don’t know if you have a guild that will readily farm herbs and/or items for disenchant.

Guild’s will love you for either profession, you’ll make money with either profession, the difference between the two is entirely on your realm.

For inscription your best secondary is herbalism as they directly compliment one another, but being that you need 5 herbs to mill for pigments, it’s brutal to farm for the herbs. Especially if you’re looking for rare pigments as often times you won’t get one when you mill, making your farming process longer depending on completely random elements. That being said, if you have money to start with, you can often buy your way through inscription and still come out with a profit. I did that and ended up with roughly 4k in profit just from leveling smart rather than quickly. I can’t speak to a compliment of enchanting I believe it’s whatever you feel like since you don’t need another to farm for ingredients, maybe take inscription and pay your way to 600 with that, then you wouldn’t have to choose.

April 3, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Having experience with both, enchanting is far more reliable and in my opinion is freeing as it doesnt need a gathering profession like inscription.

However, you can be lucky with inscription making glyphs or at level cap what I do atm is mill excess herbs to make the shoulder enchants to sell which makes a nice amount.

I have a lot of herbs from planting enigma seeds on 3 characters for Golden Lotus – Flasks and gem transmutes.

I prefer enchanting for making money, simply because a lot of people just level their own enchanter to disenchant random BoE greens, the main benefit is then selling those mats for someone who is leveling enchanting; it forms a nice circle.

With my enchanters I like to solo old content, disenchant everything a sell it, it’s the only crafting profession where the value of the mats doesn’t just die with new expansion.

A nice companion for Enchanting is Tailoring, it’s why most Mages, Priests and Warlocks have both profs as neither needs a gathering prof.

One last note, I have 4 enchanters, Warrior, Hunter, Monk and Priest; the timeless isle gear can only be used on the class of that gear type and I have no use for it now so I’ve made at least 30k since 5.4 from making Dancing Steel/Jade Spirit enchants, it’s a bit silly really.

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