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X3 how to make money

x3 how to make money

timorekusa 21 июл, 2013 в 14:52


But making money is relatively easy.

Humble merchant - sell Discoverer.

First you grind the energy and ore runs in Argon sector ore mines into Argon Prime and Home of Light.

Then you buy 2nd ship and continue grinding both ships.

Then you make enough money to buy a fighter, because otherwise game becomes boring.

Then assassinate missions while grinding both traders.

Then get the passenger module or TP ship and pasenger transport missions.

Then make the traders into Mark 3 sector traders in Empire's Edge - at this point your relations with everyone are good due to running missions for them.

Then keep making sector traders in Empire's Edge, and when they reach 15-20 level make them into Universal Traders.

Don't forget to get them jump drives, and in orders menu to put their automatic jump ON -

and also, crucial, to have energy cell reserves to make at least 4 jumps (that way they can always have e-cells stock to escape attacks).

Once you have 10 (and then more and more) uni traders, money is not an issue. until you want to make complexes and buy destroyers.

Put some wheat farms in wheat starved sectors in Argon space but especially Boron space - they need wheat and have none.

Put a 3 connected complex of Microchip factories in a certain sector.

If you want to know what sectors are best for microchip, wheat, I can tell you where I put them.

Then the sky is the limit at this point - buy a Tiger, buy a destroyer, a Thresher, do plot missions at this point, fly around in your souped up Nova or Discoverer exploring the universe for fun and profit (to open up the sectors for your automatic traders).

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