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Yard sale how to price

yard sale how to price


Best Answer: onesies, socks, bibs don't bring in much and people aren't willing to pay more than $.25-.50 a piece. less for socks about .10-.25. For clothing that hasn't been used much the most you will probably get is $2-3 per item. I personally wouldn't pay that much probably. People that come to yardsales are looking for deals. I buy most of my kids clothing at end of the season/year sales so some of the outfits I got brand new for $2 an outfit or less. So I wouldn't pay $3 for a used outfit even if just worn once, in most cases for a new one with tags probably. As for the diapers it depends on how many you have. If you have 15+ of a size then someone would probably buy them however if it's only 5 diapers then I wouldn't get them. Expecially since I wouldn't know how old they were or where they were stored since they aren't in the orginal package. I wouldn't charge more than .10 a diaper since people are able to buy them in the store for about .20-25 a piece by unit price.

I disagree with the price it high comment. If I go to a sale that is priced too high I walk away and go to a cheaper one. I don't want to sit there and haggle over the price of a pair of baby jeans. I would only do that for a piece of furniture.

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I agree with Supermommy. pricing stuff too high is a mistake. I don't like to make a low offer b/c too often, the seller seems put out to be offered less than their price. Rather than risk offending the seller, I just walk away.

I am generally willing to pay no more than $1 for pants, jeans, shirts, pajama sets, sleepers and shoes. And only if the stuff is in really good condition. Stained or ripped? Throw it out.

I suggest selling bibs and socks as a lot, instead of individually. 4 pairs of socks for .50, for example.

Sure, you can sell diapers, but make sure it's a really good deal. Like 15 diapers for $1 or so.

Good luck with your sale!

sunflower · 6 years ago

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