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How do prepaid debit cards work

how do prepaid debit cards work

Re: How do I get a prepaid debit card without giving up SSN?

Any company you're going to find is going to want a SSN due to Bush's Patriot Act law. That is any prepaid card that you want to LOAD more than $250 or be reloaded, OR be able to have ACH deposits/transfers to it.

The way its set up right now is that a prepaid card is considered a 'stored value card' or 'gift card' because it is under $250 when first loaded. By using these cards, you are anonymous and do not need to file/turn in anything, but there are drawbacks such as fees, no ATM access, or ACH.

Any more and it would not be considered a gift card (would be a prepaid card) and will require the

card issuer to comply with the Patriot Act, which states that the Financial Institutions verify the identities of customers.

If you do 'verify' your card, the money services business (usually bank/financial institution) would give you the whole benefits of a debit card, usually including but not limited to withdraws via ATM, and ACH capabilities (Being able to Direct Deposit into your card).

Bottom line is that there are really no long term companies in the US you would be able to use to ACH funds to and withdraw from the card without giving up your SSN, since it is technically illegal unless the financial institution can verify your identity. You would need to be seeking an offshore/non US bank that can fulfill your needs.

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