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How SAP Central Address Management (CAM) works in SmartForms

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Posted by Wayne on February 23, 2010


Starting with Basis Release 6.1, SAP introduced its  Business Address Services (BAS) which is central to the SAP Central Address Management (CAM ) functionality.

Originally, SAP stored address information directly in master records for customers, vendors etc. However, it soon became clear that there needed to be a central method for handling addresses across the SAP platform.

The SAP Address Solution

Therefore, SAP came up with this new method for storing address information. It is a flexible way to maintain address and communication information across the range of customers, vendors and business interests.

Instead of storing this information directly in the customer master records, for instance, a record is created in a central address table called ADRC and the unique Address Number ADRNR is stored in the master record.

SAP SmartForms – Address Node

SmartForms makes it quick and easy to access the correct address information and display it properly on your SmartForms document. There are basically three simple steps that you need to take to print address information formatted according to the postal regulations of the sender country. The SmartForms Address node will do the rest for you.

  1. Create a Window node that will contain the printed address information
  2. Under the Window node, create a Program Lines node and write code to abtain the correct Address Number
  3. Create an Address node and populate it with the Address Number and specific formating options.

Basic ABAP code to obtain an address number might look something like this example.

Address Types

There are three basic  Address Types to choose from as shown below.

Each address type requires a specific address number key. The field containing the Address number is determined dynamically using code similar to that shown above. A more detailed example is shown later in this article.

  • Organization Address (Business) - Requires a single ten-digit address number
  • Private Address (Specific person) - Requires a person number and an address number
  • Workplace Address (Contact persons) – Require a person number and an address number
Note: The address number field must have a valid value at the time of output. If not, the output process is terminated with a runtime error that you may not be unitelligible. Therefore, use the Address Condition in the address node to check to see if there is an address number present.

This really makes it easy to access and display address information. You can get additional information on the Address Node in SmartForms and SAP’s Central Address Management on pages 119-123 in the SAP Press book entitled SAP Smart Forms by Werner Hertleif and Chistoph Wachter.

Multiple Phone and Fax Numbers

But what happens if there are muliple phone numbers, fax numbers or e-mail addresses associated with an address? Where are they stored and how can you access them?

This is handled in several different tables including the ADRT table which keys off of the same Address Number. It also contains fields for  PERSNUMBER, COMM_TYPE and CONSNUMBER. These fields allow multiple records of the same type to be stored.

Business Address Services (BAS)

The actual phone numbers are stored in the ADR2 table with flags indicating the default number. Following is a list of tables that make up the Business Address Services (BAS).

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