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How to report nmr data

how to report nmr data

Synthesis of Banana Oil (Isopentyl Acetate)


This report adds a few new features to the style of report used for the salicylic acid experiment. Carefully plagiarize from the following sample report as you prepare your own. Double-check your calculations.

Once you have developed an electronic version of your lab report, do not share it with classmates. All individuals are expected to produce their own reports.

Filing the report: Please follow the guidelines given in the first report for preparing an electronic document (PDF). Name the PDF file: day _BANA_last name .pdf where "day " and "last name " are personalized as before.

I will allow you one week from the lab day on which you printed your NMR data to prepare the report. This means the Monday lab reports are due the following Monday (Nov 11), Tuesday lab reports on the following Tuesday (Nov 12), and so on. Email the file to me, no later than one week after the day you were scheduled to print your NMR in lab: 6 PM, M-Th, Nov 11-14, 2013 .

Late reports: These will be accepted up to one week after the scheduled due dates listed above: 6 PM, M-Th, Nov 18-21, 2013. The report portion will be marked 'unsatisfactory'.

Organizing your PDF file: Page 1 should begin with the header followed by the body (see Sample Report that follows). Follow this with scans/printouts of your gas chromatogram (GC data), IR and NMR spectra (note: attach both the 'full' and 'expanded' versions of your NMR spectrum), and your anwers to the NMR Exercise (see below). Conclude with a scan of your notebook pages (right-hand side only).

Header: Title, name, lab day, email address.

Body: Report (follows sample shown below) followed

by NMR Exercise (see below).

Sample Report

Synthesis of Isopentyl Propanoate from Isopentyl Alcohol and Propanoic Acid

S. Colbert



[GC data, IR spectrum, and NMR spectrum; label each one as a numbered figure (see above) and give the figure an appropriate title; see appendix for additional instructions]

NMR Exercise

Choose one of the molecules listed below. Draw its structure (show all H) and label all protons as A, B, C. (apply the same label to 'NMR equivalent' protons). Examine the online proton NMR spectrum (follow the link; the small upper spectrum is the carbon-13 NMR, ignore it). List all shifts associated with the compound; do not list shifts for solvent, TMS, etc. and do not list integrals or coupling patterns. Assign each signal to a particular proton. Do this on your own; do not work with others. (If you are having trouble with the assignment and would like some help from others, work on a different spectrum from the one that you turn in).

Turn in 1) the compound name provided below, 2) the structural formula and H labels, 3) the list of shifts and assignments (write the label next to its shift). Do not turn in the spectrum.

See the instructions listed for the first experiment for dealing with 'unsatisfactory' grades and appeals. 'Unsatisfactory' report grades can be changed to 'satisfactory' if you a submit a new, improved report by 6 PM, Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013. Lab work, notebook, and late report grades cannot be revised. Email your revised report directly to Appeals and/or questions about grades/comments should be sent directly to me, (just email a copy of your graded report with your questions by 6 PM, Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013 ).

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