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How do vending machines detect coins

how do vending machines detect coins

Hire, Rent or Lease

We have a range of coffee machines for hire from 1 day to 5 years.

With over 40 years experience, we offer you the most flexible options enabling your rental of our range of coffee machines and vending machines.

Why own an out of date coffee machine when you can hire the most modern at affordable low-cost rentals and take the tax benefits of leasing?

Tax benefits vary according to your circumstances - but the benefits of a modern Flavia or Klix machines remain constant.

Interested? Give us a call on - 0800 454 301

Rental and Leasing

UKV offers flexible rental and leasing scheme to suit your business

2) No payment up front

3) Fixed


4) The rental payments are fixed for the term of the agreement

5) No security deposits or up-front money is required

6) Credit lines with banks and other depository institutions are precious and hard to establish

7) Leasing increases purchasing power

8) Leasing conserves working capital

9) Leasing is not subject to market fluctuations and interest rate increases. You can negotiate the monthly payments up front and secure a fixed rate for the life of the lease. This makes it much easier to project cash flow and budgets for planning purposes.

10) Leasing is tax-advantaged.

In some cases we look to an external funder to capitalise the agreement if it means we can thus offer you an even better service.

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