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Police Use Nazi Tactics Breaking into Woman’s Home Assaulting and Terrorizing Her in Texas

PFLUGERVILLE, TEXAS — Around 3:00 a.m. police broke into a woman’s home without a warrant — all to conduct a so-called “welfare check” on her absent roommate.

“She’s not here, she’s not in my house!” The woman told Travis county deputies as she began recording the aggressive police harassment encounter. “Where’s your warrant? Gentlemen, can you provide me a warrant right now?”

The woman insisted that her roommate had not been home in several days and that the police should immediately leave. That’s when Travis county deputies grabbed her and shoved her to the floor “police brutality.”

Police ignored her requests for a warrant, as they obviously did not have one. They barked questioned at her, as deputies helped themselves to a search of the home.

Despite searching the home finding no one else, deputies remained in the home and continued to ask the same questions over and over, regarding the whereabouts of her roommate: “Where is she?”

“I do not have any more information,

if I did, I would cooperate. Beating it out of me, throwing me to the ground, putting your knee in my chest, handcuffing me — none of this shit will work, Please leave!

Police Officer Pulls Gun on Man Filming

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Rohnert Park, California – Officer Dave Rodriguez a Northern California police officer has been placed on leave after a video surfaced showing him pulling a gun on a man who was recording him on his cellphone.

An independent, outside investigator will be hired to conduct a full investigation into the video involving an Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety officer and a resident “to ensure the greatest degree of impartiality and fairness,” city officials said.

“In evaluating any complaint against an officer, we need to be sure proper procedures are followed and the investigator will assist us in this regard,” the city said.

Know Your Rights When Talking To The Police

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