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HELP. These Telemarketers Won’t Stop Calling Me! Do I Report Them to the Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission?

how to report telemarketers

“Who is this?  Are you a telemarketer?”  If you can narrow it down to what state the telemarketer is calling from, you may wish to contact that state’s Attorney General .  You should also contact the Federal Trade Commission .  Both agencies use this vital information to go after businesses that may have bad telemarketing practices, on a state and/or national level.

Should you add your phone numbers to the state or federal Do Not Call Lists?   It is recommended that you do both .  State and federal laws differ.  If you have your number on both lists, then you are guaranteed that fewer telephone solicitors will call.  Plus, the Federal Trade Commission updates their lists on a quarterly basis, as opposed to the Attorney General’s monthly basis.   One list may be updated more often, and another list may not have certain telemarketers banned on it, based on state or federal laws.  So, it’s best to cover both bases.

Both the AG and FTC lists expire after 5 years, telephone solicitations are only allowed between “8 a.m. to 9 p.m .”, and telemarketers have about one month within the date of registration to remove you from their lists.  If you change phone numbers or have a number disconnected, there is no need to contact either agency.  This information is updated regularly.  If you wish to  report a complaint on a call, you need to have a company’s name or phone number of the representative calling and the time the call took place.

If you are having concerns with telemarketing complaints, the Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission are both good places to begin with.  Your Better Business Bureau also can give you some guidance.  Feel free to contact us!

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Posted by Kristal Heffley on September 5, 2012.

30 Responses

Both the AG and FTC lists expire after 5 years. This is only partial correct. Do Not Call registrations are now permanent. Telephone numbers placed on the National Do Not Call Registry will remain on it permanently do to the Do Not Call Improvement Act of 2007, which became law in February 2008.

For the past two months, SOMEONE got my wife’s name, and we’ve been getting as many as 4 calls a day (we have two pages of “logs” of the calls!). Both our cell and land-line phones are (and have been for years, but also “confirmed” recently) on the Do Not Call Registry, but it makes NO difference. I finally gave up reporting the callers (I get their numbers, SOMETIMES, by the ” *69 ” method, but the area codes are fictional, as are the numbers!)

The same persons KEEP calling, saying the wife has won a sweep-stakes, but needs to pay “Taxes” or “Insurance” up-front (anywhere from $500 to $10,000.00!). When I told one caller (that I recognized by his voice and poor English) that I had reported his call, he said “Go F*** Yourself!” and hung up! SO they are

the nastiest people on earth!

The Do Not Call registry is a joke. I’ve been on it for years and have re-upped every five years as required by the AG and FTC and I still get several telemarketing calls a day. The telemarketers know we can’t do anything about it. Reporting unwanted calls to state AGs and the FTC accomplishes nothing. The AGs and FTC say they look for “patterns” but telemarketers are way ahead of them. They change their phone numbers, but even better, they fake out the caller ID. Anyone can make up a fake caller ID number so we can’t even find out where the call is coming from. Do you think the telemarketers would actually give us a traceable number?

Unfortunately, we are stuck with these sleazebag telemarketers. I’ve decided it’s just part of life and have chosen to no longer get stressed out about it. I block the ones that call repeatedly. If I get a call from a number I don’t recognize I pick up and immediately hang up to cut off the call and happily go about my day.

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere except seeing other people with the same complaint. What has happened to me is that someone has created an email account in my name. They have been using this to request information from various sources and giving my phone number and email address. This means I have been getting many phone calls and emails. The problem is that the telemarketers aren’t doing anything wrong because someone requested a call, so the FTC won’t go after them. Microsoft won’t do anything about the email account (or even respond to my emails) because there is no way for me to provide a trail and prove who’s who, and they just don’t see it as their problem. And I cannot figure out a way to even find out who’s doing it.

I use a land line with an answering machine (ringer on low). This number is my ‘default’ phone number and the only one I ever give out. Now I just periodically replay messages, keeping any important information. Family and friends know to call me on my cell. A nuisance but what else can you do?


You are correct. The Do Not Call List is an absolute joke. I get the same calls over and over, report them to the AG, get a form letter telling me they can’t (or won’t) do anything about it.

The AG is as much a joke as the Do Not Call List. Absolutely worthless

Best thing to do is a line that if for the public, put an answering machine on it, and ignore it. If someone must contact you, give them your cell phone number but try to keep that very private.

[…] If you feel like a call is in violation, try to get these details, company name, phone number, time the call came in and the caller’s name. Check out this BBB article for more information. […]

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