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How to Block Unwanted Text Spam

how to report unwanted calls
  • Report the spam to your carrier free of charge by copying the text and sending it to SPAM (7726). This service is available for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon customers.
  • Download spam-blocking apps for your Android device such as Mr. Number, Call Blocker, Anti-SMS Spam, and SMS Filter.
  • AT&T members can pay $4.99 per month to subscribe to the Smart Limits for Wireless program which helps customers selectively control text messages. Customers can block up to 30 numbers and designate how many text messages can be sent.
  • Sprint customers have many options when it comes to blocking text spam. By texting commands to 9999, they can block all messages from specific email addresses, senders who use numeric short codes, and particular internet domains.
  • For T-Mobile users, all text messages can be blocked at no charge, but they cannot block texts from specific senders except for spammers who use PCs to send the messages.
  • Verizon members can use the company’s Spam Controls tools found on its website to block unwanted messages. Up to 15 e-mail addresses and internet domains can be blocked. Keep in mind that after 90 these will be unblocked, but can be reinstated.

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Posted by Veronica Brown on April 9, 2012.

14 Responses

Many times, these types of text messages are coming from spammers, not reputable businesses. Spammers have a tendency to get a hold of lists of phone numbers. Almost all legitimate businesses will allow consumers to opt-in before sending them text messages.

Good article!

One place many spammers end up getting a text phone number from is from “authenticating” your identity or signing you up for a text number list somehow.

Unless it’s someone credible like google or facebook or a company you know and interact with, it’s best to avoid signing up for anything that involves having a text message sent to you.

actually more accurate info is a legitimate business, for example a loan company, gets leads from spammers that illegitimately spam the product or service

there is no point in spamming if it’s fake or a scam, where would the money come from unless it’s phishing to get the user to send money, which is not gonna happen obviously

some spam even has an opt-out to take the number off the list, but of course there are various spammers out there so you just opted out of a single list

now those bullet points of what the carriers offer, what kind of joke is that, & they have the nerve to charge you. just make a free option to have a whitelist or block

messages that contain a url… looks like the carriers want your money/value just like everyone else in the spam chain (btw they dont do much to block the source messages themselves as they rake in money from the constant reactivations of spammer phones/accounts)

What to do if the spammer was asked to stop sending those texts and is still doing it? My problem is that I just signup for a wireless service and started getting messages from a company I never had business with nor I opted in for communications from. I understand that my present phone number belonged to someone else once, so I called the number stated in text message to remove me from their list – i thought that was enough for me to do, but I keep getting those messages and from about 6 different local numbers ( I know it’s still the same business because of the contents of messages ). I contacted them few more times as nothing was done, I texted STOP, I added those numbers to my block list. I still want to get messages from my contacts, so I don’t want to use my phone carrier option to quit messages altogether.

Can you tell me how to block a text that doesn’t have a phone number? It is a 3 digit number than a dash than 2 more numbers.

Thank you


ATT is a fucking joke. Im a small business that sends out text blasts to people in my phone. Yes Im a club promoter but not a major corporation or a spammer. People give out their number regarding parties and events. I send out text blasts. I would say i have 10k phone cintacts abs sebd 1 text per day so thats 300k text messages per month.

If someone asks to be removed I delete their numbe4 immediately. Sometimes people change phone numbers and the new person that takes over the old number dont know you and sometimes they ask to be removed and sometimes not.

ATT, the scumbags they are, went beyond that. They labeled my phone as a spammer and blocked me from texting anyone on my entire network. I have family members on ATT that dont even get my text messages. How can someone be a spammer when every contact is an “opt in”.

This hapoens every monrh and I keep changing my number. Its now my 18th number in 18 months.


That is very good blog and good information provided. I also facing this problem. many service provider sent daily many mails and i am very trouble by this. So this is very good information.

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