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How to report welfare fraud in ohio

how to report welfare fraud in ohio

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Utilize the RECOL (Reporting Economic Crime Online) database. This online access makes it simple for any Canadian to report a fraud. RECOL can assist any citizen making a report for any type of fraud including identity theft or telemarketing letters. Remember to be as specific as possible when explaining the incident and use the five W's (who, what, when, where and how). Also make sure to have any personal information that will be asked when making the report, such as, name, address, identification numbers and contact phone numbers.

Place a call to a local police station and file a complaint. If the fraud is a fraud for a low dollar amount (for example $250) the police department may take the report over the phone. This will save the officers time and the hassle of having to prioritize the calls that come in requesting their presence. If there is any evidence that is needed to assist with the investigation, an officer will schedule a time to pick up the documentation. However,

if the complaint involves a substantial amount of money ($5,000 or more) then officers will usually take the report in person and take as many statements as possible.

Alternatively, request to file a report of fraud in person. Remember, if choosing this option, to take all documentation with you and be ready to provide the reporting officer with a statement about the incident. Take all personal information that may be needed when making the report, such as name, address and other identification information. The officer may ask to have a written statement filled out, so remember to be as detailed as possible.

File a report with the local police. If the local police department is not available to receive the report or all other avenues of reporting have failed, then filing a report with another agency is available to citizens. Although there are jurisdictions to be obeyed when it comes to law enforcement, the chosen department can take the report and then turn it over to the governing agency that has jurisdiction over that area.

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